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I have long been attracted to trying various media and techniques over the years. Many became part of my general tool box and I reuse or modify and combine for new use.

group of variey of artfamily faces

music of americamarried hands

side one sculptureside two sculpture

moon bowl

At different parts of my life I've been interested in movements in art such as Cubism & the Fauves.

Artists such as Saul Steinberg, Alexander Calder, George Tooker, Edward Hopper and Stuart Davis have appealed to me. I am passionate about so called outsiders such as Simon Rodia, Henry Darger and James Castle masters of a similar magnitude, no less for being labeled "outsider"..

Spending years watching my dad paint and sculpt, listening to him talk about painting and talking about it with him, as well as observing the whimsy and spontaneity he exibited in his creation of things for me and my sister when we were children, inspired me too.