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Education & Experience

Shimber Beris Archives

Co Founder with Daphne Oberon; We are researching, documenting and archiving the history of Shimber Beris. (See other links and references on this site).

Nut Hill Productions

Founder and Chief Creative Officer; I founded this non-profit for the purpose of creating a documentary history of American folk music with my partner Deborah Robins. The television series The Music of America was contracted by PBS station WETA in Washington DC.

Berkeley Outlet

Furniture restoration and repair of metal office furniture.

Operations Technician; I was among the early hires for this vanguard dot com company focused on direct marketing.

Williams Sonoma

Sample Room Associate; Managed all buyers samples and photoshoot inventory for Pottery Barn.

Whole Earth Access

Furniture Returns: Managed all returned and defective furniture for seven store chain, generating revenues from restored products.

Yellow Cab and Luxor Cab

Drove a taxi and a limousine in San Francisco at various times.

In addition I have worked extensively in several facets of the book trade for many companies, and numerous other amusing enterprises such as the one that rented sensory deprivation chambers by the hour and went bankrupt in record time.



Yale university: MFA

San francisco Art Institute: BFA

Public & private schools: k-12


Concentrations of knowledge

I have:

conducted over a hundred interviews with people involved in the genre of American folk music.

researched and developed the content of a six hour television series for Pbs on the subject of american vernacular music from 1618 to 2010.

years of experience restoring, repairing, designing and building furniture, restoring residential interiors and related skills using hand and power tools.

years of experience with photography and photoshop.

spent decades studying and using animation history and techniques including more experimental techniques.